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Check out some special appearances

A little bit of the history of Praise Cia. Dance at special times


Thalles Roberto - Aline Barros - Ton Carfi - Beyond the Veil - Damares

- Talita Pagliarim - Festival Promises - Ass. SP Legislature

Launch of the CD #SOMOSUM by
Ton Carfi

Praise Co. of Dance was the Cia. invited to dance choreographies at the launch of the CD "#SOMOUM" by Ton Carfi at AD Bom Retiro - São Paulo on April 10, 2015.


A very special night that marked everyone with the move of Praise and Worship.

Launch of the CD Graça by Aline Barros

Praise Co. de Dança was the special participation in the launch of the CD "Graça" by Aline Barros at Citibank Hall in São Paulo on March 21, 2014.


With striking and anointed choreography, Cia. Dance Praise moves all present in worship of the Lord.

Beyond the Veil DVD Recording 

Praise Co. de Dança   recorded with excellence the DVD of the Ministry of Beyond the Veil by Sony Music on October 6, 2013.


A very special night with remarkable and blessed choreographies were recorded on this DVD.

Opening Show CD Thalles Roberto  (CD "A Story Written by the Finger of God")

Praise Co. de Dança   opened Thalles Roberto's CD Launch with the choreography "DAVI E AS OVELHAS" at Expo Center Norte in São Paulo.

An impactful choreography and a ministry that marked everyone present.

CD Launch Show   Talita Pagliarim ("More Than Air")

Ginásio da Portuguesa received the launch of the CD "Mais que o Ar" (November 21, 2009) and Cia. Praise Co. of Dance participated in several choreographies.


It was a very special night and a very important mark for everyone present.

DVD recording of the singer DAMARES - 2014  ("The Biggest Trophy")

Praise Co. of Dance went to Cia. invited by Sony Music to record the historic DVD of the singer Damares on December 6, 2014 in Sao Paulo.

Festival Promessas - GEO - Rede Globo  

The Expo-Center Norte auditorium in São Paulo hosted Festival Promessas and Praise Cia. Dance performed with special choreography.


July 20, 2013



Dance Show - The Miracle of Christmas

For the first time, the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo hosts a Dance Show in its Monumental Hall.

Praise Co. de Dança prepared a Christmas Show telling the story of the birth of Jesus Christ.

It was an unforgettable night for all the authorities present and everyone who watched the show.


December 14, 2009.



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