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A SUA  Bible

1st Bible dedicated to the Ministry of Dance is launched in Brazil

the company Dance Praise, in partnership with the Bible Society of Brazil (SBB), developed the Dance Ministry Bible.

In addition to being pioneer and exclusive, the work is dedicated to all dance ministries in the country that carry the gospel message through artistic manifestations.

“This project is the realization of a dream of almost ten years. We are very happy to make it happen. Our goal is to encourage biblical reading and honor those who have transformed dance into a means of worshiping God and dedicated themselves to this call, which has taken thousands of lives to Jesus!”, said Bishop John Bassi and Pastor Carol Bassi,  idealizadores of the project and directors of Cia. Dance Beach.

The translation of the Bible is Almeida Revised and Updated.

Anyone who purchases a copy will also contribute to SBB's social projects, such as “Donate a Bible”, which consists of distributing bibles in needy communities across the country.

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