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Praise Training Minister of Dance Course / Christian Dance Course

The Praise School of Dance presents:

Pioneer theoretical/practical training course for the Minister of Dance that is available to go to your church anywhere in Brazil and abroad.

​The course has the objective to form taking the knowledge of the bible with studies and specific revelations about the Art of Dance and Praise and Worship.

With practical and theoretical classes and the ministerial experience of the speaker, we are sure that each Module will be uplifting for each participating student.

The date and time of the Course will be agreed with the local responsible for greater accessibility.

The Course has the direction of Bishop John Bassi and Pastor Carol Bassi and classes with trained teachers from Praise Cia. of dance.


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Module 01

Dancing in the Bible - Overview

Module 02

The Dancing Prophet 

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Dance as a form of Praise and Worship

Module 04

Dance Ministerial Structure

Module 05

12 Marks of a Dance Leader - Nehemiah Vision

Module 06

The 5 Anointings of the Apostolic Dance

Module 07

The Levite Dancer

Module 08

The 5 Biblical Models of Dance

Module 09

The Technique and the Anointing

Module 10

The Dancer as a Vessel of Honor to God – The Character of the Christian Dancer

Module 11

The Arts in God's Hands

Module 12

The 5 principalities that act against the Apostolic Dance  

12 MODULES - (Practical and Theoretical)

or Distinct Modules




Modules also indicated for Ministers of Praise/Theatre and Arts in General




Teachers Praise Cia.

Bishop John Bassi

Pastor Carol Bassi

Dancers of the Praise Cia Team.


  • Classes contain theoretical and practical part.

  • There will be lessons to do in the month on the topic taught (to be presented next month)

  • Students must come with appropriate clothing for the Practice part.


  • The church must have a projector and microphone for the presentation of classes.



Also available:




12 MODULES - Total of 48 Course Hours (Practical and Theoretical)




Module 01

Inner Healing of a Dancer

Module 02

Hairstyle Models, Makeup Types 

Module 03

Evangelism Strategies with Dances

Module 04

The Secret of the Ministry leader da  Dance

Module 05

The Dancer and Holiness

Module 06

The Influence of Dance with Praise

Module 07

How to assemble a choreography for God

Module 08

Testimony /  History of Dance – Secular 

Module 09

David's Dance

Module 10

Dance as a Weapon of Spiritual Warfare 

Module 11

Costumes and Accessories “Biblical Representation” and Color Meanings 

Module 12

Spiritual Battle at Dance Ministry


SINCE 2007

2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

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