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Study ONLINE with Bishop John and Pastor Carol Bassi

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Bishop John and Pastor Carol Bassi


⚜ Modules: 10 Modules with dozens of unique videos in each
⚜ Duration: ⏳10 months of course
⚜ Modules released month by month and that can be watched anytime and as many times as you want, from your computer 💻 or cell phone 📱.

⚜ MODULE 01 - 5 Church Ministries in Dance Ministry

⚜ MODULE 02 - The Dance in the Bible - Panoramic view
The creation
The Dance Expression in the Bible

⚜ MODULE 03 - 5 principalities against Christian Dance / Spiritual Battle
INTRODUCTION: Study videos on Principality, Power, Rulers and Evil Spiritual Forces.
1. Overcoming Prejudice / Michal
2. Overcoming Irreverence / Uza
3. Overcoming Idolatry / Golden Calf
4. Overcoming Sensuality / Salome
5. Beating Depression / Jesabel

⚜ MODULE 04 - Dance as a form of praise and worship
Definition of Praise
Definition of Worship
When does dance become Worship?
The Deviations of Worship
Worship Practices

⚜ MODULE 05 - The 5 types of Dance

⚜ MODULE 06 - The dancer's call
Which is
7 Examples of Calling in the Bible
the why
The fears of the call
Call results

⚜ MODULE 07 - The Prophet of Dance
biblical basis
Who is it
The call
How to be a dance prophet
prophetic attitudes

⚜ MODULE 08 - Technique and Anointing
Definition of Technique
The Technique in the Bible
Definition of anointing
Lucifer and Worship
Saul and David
The Anointing and Technique of David

⚜ MODULE 09 - The dancer and holiness
be holy
The character of the Christian
the worshiper's heart
Experiences with God

⚜ MODULE 10 - Organization of the Ministry of Dance / Ministerial Structure
Implementation of the dance ministry
secretariat and departments
spiritual directions
Social networks
Technical levels and ages
Explanation of intercession

And more for YOU...

⚜ 03 exclusive BONUS:
1- We will teach you step by step how to make Events and workshops
2- Conception of costumes and choreography
3- Men in Dance - Royal Priesthood

⚜ During the course period, in addition to all recorded content, we will also do exclusive LIVES for students with FOLLOW-UP + QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS.

Now that you know in depth everything that is prepared for you, you must be asking yourself, as many have already asked us: "and what is the investment value to enjoy all this content and these bonuses"?

# And speaking of this investment subject, can we give you some good news, which will probably surprise you?
We know that there is a lot of value in all the content we are delivering, but our purpose is to multiply this knowledge to as many people as possible.
That's why we made a condition completely accessible, so that no one is left out for financial reasons...

👉👉👉 The value of the Full Course, which is originally R$ 1,497.00, is available for only R$ 197.00. That's right! Only R$ 197,00!!

👉👉👉 This amount can be in sight on boleto or credit card. It can also be paid in installments on your credit card in 10 installments of R$22.50 per month.

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