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São Paulo Urban Dance Festival

Now the dawn of Danças Urbanas de São Paulo has also a FESTIVAL!!!



13 May 2017

To register your group at URBAN PRAISE FESTIVAL:

STEP 01 - Fill in the Form AT THE END OF THIS PAGE, with the corresponding data;

STEP 2 - Wait for our return with the festival's regulations and instructions. We will respond to you within 24 hours after submitting your form;

STEP 3 - Follow the guidelines that will be sent by email to finalize the registration of your group;

STEP 4 - Be with us on this SPECIAL day!!!


(*After the registration of your group, we will also send

a PDF document   with more details)



CHAPTER I - Objectives
Art. 1st – The “Urban Praise Festival 2017” aims to promote union and development among the participating groups e promote the incentive for technical growth of_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_Cias. of Urban Dances of São Paulo;

Art. 2nd – The unique genre of the competition will be "Urban Dances".  
Choreographies that appropriate the techniques and trends of the dances may be entered.
North American urban areas, such as: Hip Hop and derivations, House, Locking, Popping,
Breaking, KRUMP, Jazz Funk, Wacking, Vogue, etc.
Fusions, body research and differentiated proposals are allowed, as long as the choreographic work,
present technique and foundation of Urban Dances.


CHAPTER II - Participation and Enrollment
Art. 3rd – Registration for the Festival is paid per member, and the amounts are distributed in:

-Group $20.00 per member/choreography;

-Duo $40.00 per member/ choreography;

-Solo $60.00 per dancer.
Art. 4° – The group can register a maximum of 02 choreographies per style   and must have a minimum of 05 members to participate in the "group" category. If there is a smaller number of members, they can register in the "Duo" or "Solo" modalities;
Art. 5th – Registration for the Festival closes on May 8, 2017 (or until the 40 groups are completed). Applications after this date will not be accepted.

CHAPTER III - Presentation
Art. 6th- As it is a Christian festival, ethics and respect for values and principles must be maintained, in order to maintain the good participation of all and also a pleasant experience for all who attend the Festival.

In this way, choreographies must not contain obscene, pejorative or prejudiced gestures and body expressions under any circumstances.

We will inform all groups through a MEETING the other specific details for the presentations and general rules to be respected at the event.
Art. 7 - The limit for each presentation will be:

-Group: 6 minutes maximum, with a tolerance of 15sec;

-Duo: 3 minutes maximum, with a tolerance of 15sec;

-Solo: 2 minutes maximum, with a tolerance of 15sec.
Art. 8° – The work song must be sent by May 8, 2017 in MP3 format to the email , to compose the order of presentations in advance ;
Art. 9th – The use of simple scenic objects in the presentations will be allowed. Such objects must be placed and removed by the group itself, with a maximum time of 1 minute for this placement and removal. It will not be allowed to use any object that leaves the stage dirty after the performance;

Art. 10th – The event will provide the light map after registration, sending an email with all the information in advance.
The group must provide a person responsible for lighting at the time of group choreography.

Art. 11th – There will be a dressing room and male and female bathroom on site;

Art. 12th - Information about the stage pass will be sent by e-mail, as soon as the registration is completed;

Art. 13th - The choreography will be evaluated by three expert judges of the genre.
For the classification of choreography, the method of choice will be:
1st Place – Highest Drum Score.
2nd Place – Second highest drum note.
3rd Place – Third highest drum note.
The choice of special awards will be made by the technical jury and artistic commission of the event.

CHAPTER IV - Costume
Art. 14th – The groups must take the necessary precautions to avoid causing a scandal during the presentations. The use of:
-Clothes that mark the body excessively;
-Neckline too much;
-Transparent clothes or with the belly  on display.

The other details will be clarified at the meeting that will be held before the event.

CHAPTER V - Awards
Art. 15th – We will have TROPHY awards for each style, category and modality. There will be a cash prize for the HIGHLIGHT group do festival; 
Art. 16th – All groups will receive a trophy and a Certificate of Participation;

Art. 17th – We will have prize draws from sponsors during the event;

Art. 18th – There will also be a recognition award for the following titles: 

-Best choreographer;

- featured dancer;

- Featured dancer.

CHAPTER VI - Final Provisions
Art. 19th
§ 1. Groups that do not comply with the rules of this regulation and also with the other details described in the official regulation will be disqualified, as well as not complying with what is agreed at the meeting held before the event.
§ 2° The Organizing Committee will not be responsible for objects left at the event venues, such as theft, breakage or theft.



Fill in the form and make your payment with as information below. 



We will contact you within 24 hours to give you all the information.


Congratulations! Your message has been received. Praise team thanks

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