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Servants of God. Consecrated to the Lord. Each dancer do Praise Cia. de Dança are Ministers of Dance in their local churches.


Meet the dancers of Praise Cia.  BALLET

Yasmin Figueiredo

Elohini Nieri 

Elohini Nieri - 17 years old, born in an evangelical cradle. Started in the dance ministry at the age of 5. 

Graduated in Contemporary Dance and contact -improvisation (2012- St.André Dance Center) Street Dance Academy (2007 - 2009 Kleine Szene) and in training: Classical Ballet/Jazz -_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Praise Dance School.

Dancer , Coreógrafa e Assessora do Praise Dance company since 2009 in the Pra.Carol Bassi group (Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary) and Bishop John Bassi (Street Dance, Bahian rhythms, Praises of Jubilo)

Contemporary Dance Teacher for beginner and intermediate levels Escola Praise.

Diaconized Church Renascer em Cristo headquarters, in formation for a Priest

Leader of Dance Ministry Jerusalem 1 (TEENS INTERMEDIARY) of Renascer Hall, and dancer of Dance Ministry Praise Headquarters.



Yasmin da Silva Figueiredo São Paulo, SP Trained at Escola Praise de Dança, 4th year of Classical Ballet, Jazz Dance and Intermediate Contemporary. He started in the dance ministry in 2006 at the church Renascer em Cristo headquarters. Dancer and choreographer at Praise Cia de Dança since December 2012. Renascer Hall teen dance leader and aspirant anointing. Currently, he works in the administrative area of Escola Praise de Dança, according to his training as an administrative assistant at Senai.

Izabela Ribeiro

Izabela Ribeiro Olegário Barueri, SP Graduated in Jazz Dance and Olympic Gymnastics. She has been dancing since she was 6 years old when she began her studies in Classical Ballet at the Boa Forma Academy. He started his Christian dance ministry at the age of 9 at the Renascer Alphaville church. Dancer and choreographer of Praise cia de Danca since July 2012 Deaconess and Leader of Dance Renascer Estadual Alphaville. He recently participated in dance festivals, such as Renascer Dance Festival, where he received awards with his groups. He also has a technical training in Business Administration from the technical institute of Barueri.

Meet the dancers of Praise Cia. STREET

Servants of God. Consecrated to the Lord. Each dancers from Praise Cia. are Dance ministers in their churches


Felipe Almeida

Felipe Almeida - 17 years old. He started in the dance ministry at the Renascer em Cristo Church at the age of 10.

Technical knowledge: Krump, Locking, Popping, Break and House Dance . 

Intern at Escola Praise in the classes of: Street Dance and Krump. 

Dancer and Choreographer of Praise Cia. de Dance since 2012, participating in Bishop John Bassi's group.

Dancer and member of the Church Renascer em Cristo Gianett

B.boy Biel

Gabriel Fernando 20 anos , started dancing Street at 13 years old and at 17 he deepened in Break, has technical knowledge in: Popping, Locking and Tutting.

It is part of Praise Cia. of Dance since 2013 participating in the choreographies of Break.

Deacon, dancer in the dance ministry of Igreja Renascer Itaim Paulista

Thais Gattolin

He began dancing professionally in the musical group Ax Blond. After leaving the group, she studied theater, thus taking her DRT of actress. He participated in several theatrical musicals. He also graduated in Radio and TV. He began to dance in the gospel scene, making appearances with Renascer Praise at the invitation of Bishop John Bassi. As he already was a calling in his life he passed to often dance in church, and today he has the privilege of walking with this group Chosen by God o_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_Praise Cia. de Dance. Leader of the Ministry of Dance at Renascer Ipiranga

Eric Rabelo

Studying a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education and Health at EACH-USP. Teacher, choreographer, dancer and researcher of urban dances in various styles, focusing on Popping, Locking and Hip Hop, in addition to developing studies and methods for KRUMP teaching approaches. He began his studies, practices and research in dance in 2007. He has been at the Renascer em Cristo church since 2008. He has been developing and teaching classes for 4 years in dance schools, social projects, workshops, congresses, groups and dance companies, working with different ages (children, teenagers and adults). Creator of several group, duo or solo choreographies, winning titles in several festivals. As a dancer, he is a member of the Ministry of Dance at Igreja Renascer em Cristo Vila Matilde, in the east side of São Paulo, with weekly scales and several annual events involving different styles of dance, including: contemporary dance, jazz and urban dances. Member of Praise Cia. of Dance for 4 years, developing and presenting choreographies in shows, congresses, shows and exhibitions, in addition to integrating the artistic cast in the recording of several DVDs.

Marcos Vinicius

Marcos Vinicius: 20 years old Born in a Catholic cradle, At 8 He started to attend the Renascer em Cristo Church He learned to dance Funk Soul since he was 8 years old with his mother, at the same time he learned to play the drums from the age of 13 learned to play other instruments and also developed singing. He started dancing in the Church at the age of 14. Today he is a Dancer Musician and is in the 2nd semester of Publicity and Propaganda. Leader of the Street Headquarters at Renascer Hall, Aspirant of the Renascer Church since the age of 18.

B.boy Macolin

He started his practice and study in 2008. • Dancer, teacher, choreographer and researcher of urban dances with a focus on Break Dance, in addition to promoting workshops, lectures and developing studies and methods focused on Breaking. Dancer and Choreographer of Praise Cia de Dança. Participated in important championships and campaigns such as: - World Break Dance Championship in 2009 and 2010 - Battle of the Year (Montpellier - France). - 1st place in the Brazilian Championship 2010 - (Battle of the Year Brazil). - LG Bboy Championship (Brazil). - Battle in the Village 2011/2013. - Commercial/Sprite 2012 - "Pixelata".

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